Feedback Form

To what extent do you agree / disagree with the statements below?

Agree Strongly Agree Disagree Disagree strongly N/A
I was first contacted by the Coroner's Office in a timely fashion
The reason for the Coroners involvement was explained clearly to me by a Coroner's Officer
The Ministry of Justice Guide to Coroner Services leaflet was provided to me as part of the bereavement pack in a timely fashion
The level of contact maintained by the Coroner's Officer was appropriate to my needs
When obtaining and relaying information I felt that the Coroner's Officer was sensitive and compassionate
The inquest procedure was explained clearly to me by the Coroner's Officer prior to the day of the inquest
The Coroner's Court Support Service Volunteers offered me assistance on the day of the inquest whilst respecting my privacy
On the day of the Inquest the Coroner's Officer was helpful and supportive, and details of the inquest proceedings were explained to me satisfactorily
The family/waiting room was comfortable and suitable to my needs
During the inquest, I was treated with dignity and respect by the Coroner and any concerns were dealt with appropriately
The registration process was explained clearly to me by the Coroner’s Officer following the inquest and any queries dealt with
Overall, I was satisfied with the level of service received from the Coroner's Office

Could anything be done to improve the level of service provided by the Coroner’s Office?