Sunderland Coroner Area has a full-time Senior Coroner, who is based at Sunderland City Hall, and 4 part-time Assistant Coroners.

Her Majesty’s Senior Coroner - Derek Winter DL

HM Senior Assistant Coroner - Karin Welsh

HM Assistant Coroners           - David Place

                                                 - Andrew Hetherington

                                                 - Andrew Tweddle

Coroner’s Officers                  - Vicky Ross

                                                - Lily Hunter

                                                - Andrew Weighill

                                                - Alison Leonard

                                                - Jess Lee

Deputy Coroner's Officer      - vacant                                    

Senior Personal Assistant to Her Majesty’s Senior Coroner - Mrs Julia Laidler

The Coroner’s Office is open 08:00am to 16:00hrs, Monday to Friday.

For information on how to get in touch, please Contact Us.