Which deaths are referred to the Coroner?

Approximately half of all deaths in England and Wales are referred to HM Coroner.  A death should be referred if;

If there is any doubt the Coroner’s Office should be contacted for further advice.  If you are unsure why your relative’s death has been reported please call us and a Coroner’s Officer will discuss it with you.

Reports are made mainly by doctors and the Police.  Upon receipt of a death report the Coroner will review the information and decide what should be done.  Please see below for the various possibilities.   

What will the Coroner do once a death has been referred? 

When a death is reported to the Coroner’s Office the Coroner will usually consider the information on the same or the next working day.  The following sections set out some of the possible courses of action the Coroner will take. 

We understand that families can be concerned about the process and especially whether it will delay their funeral.  Every effort is made to complete the Coroner’s inquiries as quickly as possible.  Please feel free to talk to a Coroner’s Officer if you have any questions (see: contact us section).